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Dear Lianne,

We are so looking forward to our return visit, even that it is some two months away. We are missing the nice warm weather and “our” just perfect villa. We now feel very much at home in Noosa and we appreciate all the work you do for us to make our trips so enjoyable. We are now coming down under for our third time. We will again be enjoying the sun, surf, dining, golf and all the new friends you introduced us to. Roll on the day we leave the cold weather in Scotland to step into the Noosa and Sunshine Coast paradise.

Thanks again for the very good deal you arranged regarding the villa and the car. Looking forward to opening a nice bottle of red with you and Joost soon.

… Cherry and Tom, Glasgow, Scotland

Dear Lianne,

Once again we would like to thank you for helping to arrange our winter holiday for us, away from Melbourne for twelve weeks at Noosa Springs – our ‘Heavensville’. In the first place, you have ‘made’ our winter complete for the past three years. In the second place – Noosa Springs is indeed magic! The Sunshine Coast has been blessed by the advent of the Noosa Springs ‘gated’ community and its magnificent golf course. Its ambience is something to be envied by all other Golf Resorts.

Our hope is that our holidays at Noosa Springs can go on indefinitely; every day is magic here. All of our friends envy us, and we are constantly beset by their requests to come and join us. We can’t thank you enough for all you continue to do for us to make our stay possible, and to ease us into our new environment.
With our grateful thank and regards,

… Lorraine and Bernard Finnegan, Victoria, Australia

Dear Lianne,

Thank you so much for letting us have villa 233 last time, and for your help and friendship. We had such a great time again. We are definitely coming back again in November. So could you please get us one of your nice villas with dual membership again. As usual we are staying for 3 months. We leave it entirely up to you as you have always given us lovely places and we trust you completely. We don’t know how we could manage it all without you. It is a great pleasure knowing you and Joost. And we do miss you very much. Stay healthy and happy. We are looking forward to visiting this beautiful place and this lovely golf course.

All the best to you and Joost big kiss – call you soon.

… Ines and Marc, Bern, Switzerland