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LIANNE WAMSTEEKER is a fully licensed Noosa real estate agent with a difference: She specialises in holiday villa rentals as well as SALES in Noosa Springs, and she lives there. This successful business began when she was asked to look after a friend’s villa. Soon a Dutch friend asked if she could rent a villa for a couple of months during the European winter.

Lianne WamsteekerLianne asked one of her golfing mates who lives in Melbourne and owns a golf frontage villa if this was a possibility. It was, but only if Lianne would look after the rental. After that, the word was out – someone who actually owned a villa and cared about her friends’ villas like her own was willing to look after these properties. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Lianne is glad to provide this web site to offer a wonderful unique way of spending a long holiday – often with golf included – in a subtropical climate to a wider spectrum of visitors: people from all over the world.

Lianne is a fully licenced real estate agent, and is also very involved in selling properties in Noosa Springs. Even though some of these are advertised with other agencies on national and global real estate websites, she is most familiar with the Noosa Springs market. Noosa Springs is her backyard (literally) and she only works in the residential area of Noosa Springs. She has access to most of the houses that are for sale, even if marketed by other agents.


Noosa Springs Layout
As Lianne has been an INDEPENDENT real estate agent for 13 years now and she is not connected to any one agency. Although she works together with the local agencies she is able to introduce prospective buyers objectively to most of the properties listed for sale.

Lianne only sells in Noosa Springs. As an owner herself and a member of the Noosa Springs Golf Club she is the apparent person to give you an insight view of the lifestyle in Noosa Springs. As a rental agent she can advise you regarding the possibilities when purchasing a villa for investment.


Noosa Springs Golf Course
When Lianne and Joost, her husband, moved to Noosa from Sydney in 2000, they bought their new home in Noosa Springs – a unique residential estate built in between the fairways of the Noosa Springs Country and Golf Club. Their plan was to enjoy the idyllic lifestyle, play some golf and go for long beach walks. A few years later they are doing all that, and more. As Noosa Home Concierge, they are now running a thriving boutique rental business.


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The difference between Noosa Home Concierge and other accommodation providers is mainly the service. Because Lianne and Joost are living there, they are available practically all the time (though not when playing golf). They fix small problems themselves, and in most cases get tradespeople in for larger problems. They are a source of information regarding where to shop, where to eat, how to get cleaners. The sky is the limit.

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NOOSA SPRINGS VILLAS The villas at Noosa Springs are all very well appointed and furnished by the owners and/or their interior decorators. They are homes rather than holiday units. A number of the villas are owned by part-time residents, most of them living in one of Australia’s capital cities or overseas in countries such as …

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Dear Lianne, We are so looking forward to our return visit, even that it is some two months away. We are missing the nice warm weather and “our” just perfect villa. We now feel very much at home in Noosa and we appreciate all the work you do for us to make our trips so …

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